Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood flooring is composed of layers. These layers consist of fiberboard, plywood, along with a thin layer of hardwood veneer glued on top. The plywood core is made by stacking the plies (engineered layers of wood) in opposite directions making it much more stable than solid wood. With the plies laid in the opposite direction it leaves less room for the wood to expand or shrink during temperature or moisture changes. This makes engineered hardwood an ideal choice for installation in basements or installations directly over concrete.

How to Care for Your Hardwood Floor

When caring for your hardwood flooring avoid the following: do not use steel wool, do not “buff” your floors, avoid using soap, water, oil based waxes or polish. Using a wet cleaner for your hardwood floors can result in delamination, warping or swelling of the boards. To remove spots like chewing gum place an ice cube on the spot until it hardens then scrap it off gently with a plastic scrapper.

Use area rugs and door mats to help collected dirt and other grit that is tracked onto the hardwood floor. Make sure to place protectors under furniture that is moved or placed on hardwood floors. Also move furniture around in the room to keep from having discoloration. Remove heeled shoes that are damaged and cleat like shoes because these could damage your floor. Make sure to keep your pets nails trimmed to ensure that your hardwood floors do not get scratched.